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The vineyards of Béarn

Béarn is a famous wine growing area producing red wines, dry and sweet white wines as well as rosé wines. The wine growing area stretches from Gave de Pau to Gave d'Oloron via Orthez and Vic-en-Bigorre

Béarn has an oceanic climate with a mountain influence, which suits vine growing and therefore plays an important part in the quality of the wine produced. During your tour of the vine growing areas, you can see the two main Béarn vineyards as well as many other winemakers who will welcome you in to taste their specialties which have subtle and surprising flavours.  

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JURANÇON vineyards

The Jurançon is an AOC* white wine producing area of the pre-Pyrenean hills. Planted on steep hillsides, the Jurançon vines have been part of French history. Indeed the wine produced in Béarn has been on the tables of some famous people including Henri IV.

The sweet Jurançon wine will charm you with its golden colour and its fruity flavours. Your taste buds will be surprised by the nearly perfect balance between acidity and sweetness which bring a certain lightness to its taste. This wine is best served with sweet-salty dishes such as foie gras and desserts

The dry Jurançon wine has a pale yellow colour. It has a powerful yet fresh flavour. It is best served with aperitifs, fish dishes and game, bringing a fruity note to your dishes. 

The Jurançon late harvested wine is a very sweet white wine with fruity flavours and a hint of honey. The late harvested grape makes an exceptional wine, full of character. It is best served with desserts.

You will find a selection of the independent wine producers here.

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Stretching across three departements (Gers, Hautes-Pyrénées and Pyrénées-Atlantiques), the Madiran and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh cover 1,700 hectares. The original grape variety, called the Tannat, was introduced by Benedictine monks during the 11th century. It was a flourishing industry, and became a star product representing the wine making identity of this part of Béarn. They are AOC* wines. 

The Madiran is a red wine with a fruity flavour (cherry, blackberry, blackcurrant). It is best served with grilled red meat, local products, world cuisine as well as desserts. It is also perfect for apéritifs with tapas, when served cold.

The Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh is a white wine produced on the same land as the Madiran wine. From a singal grape variety (cépages singuliers) this dry or sweet wine is best served with regional products such as Pyrenean cheese, foie gras or desserts. This is a fresh wine with a spicy-fruity note

You will find a selection of the independent wine producers here.

* The appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC; French "protected designation of origin") is the French certification granted to certain French geographical areas for wines, cheeses, butters and other agricultulrual products, all under the auspices of the government (Institut National de l’origine et de la qualite) .