I am going to the Béarn, and I'll come back with presents !

I am going to the Béa ...

You are preparing your holidays in the Béarn and you are already thinking about the gifts you will bring back to your loved ones...Nice! Guide du Bearn is here to help you to make your choice amongst the classic and traditional souvenirs to bring back from the Béarn. Things to be eaten, others to be admired, keep a bit of space in your luggage to take a bit of Béarn home with you, ok?

Openning photo Manufacture de berets

A delicious souvenir...that will please everyone!


In the Béarn, we eat well! It is however difficult, to bring back a pot-au-feu (stew) or a garbure (soup)! But you can bring back the ingredients to prepare these dishes at home. Think of the conserves in glass jars that guarantee they’ll stay fresh, to please your taste buds even 6 months after your trip! For example bring back some confit of duck wings to be like the Gascon farmers and savour a Garbure soup this winter by the fireplace.

Ferme Saint-Grat

Maison Argaud

You can also choose some vacuum packed woodpigeons, chickens and other poultry. It is easy: just buy them, keep them cool and on the departure day, place them in a cool box. Get home and either freeze or eat (or give as a gift or share!) in the next few days.

Conserverie Gratien

In the Béarn, there are orchards and therefore fruit jams. In Uzos, like everywhere in the Béarn, you will find delicious jams from the Maison Francis Miot, jam makers for over 35 years! 

Maison Francis Mios

A present which is always a winner, especially to for enthusiasts who appreciate quality, is a bottle of wine! In Béarn, there is the choice ... 

 Benoît et Sébastien du Domaine de Burgué Séré


A beautiful present, an authentic souvenir

The Béarn neighbours the Basque country and you will also find beautiful traditional fabrics. Originally weaved with linen, this farm style and popular fabric more recently appropriated by interior decorators and transformed into a home linen with shimmering and lively colours. Between the Béarn and the Basque country, there are 3 weavers’ houses which make fabrics and objects. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring back a lovely fabric gift! Oven glove, bags, napkins, table linen...

For example in Orthez, discover the workshop and boutique of Maison Moutet.


There is also Lartigue 1910 as well as Artiga which sell beautiful fabrics and objects.

Lartigue 1910Lartigue 1910

A really traditional object: the béret! This lovely wool felt hat, flat like a galette and finished by a  ittle piece of wool at the top, was worn by the farmers of Béarn. The béret is a serious matter and the Béarnais claim to have invented it. It is an easily identifiable object and is an excellent gift to bring back, for you or your friends. It is mostly worn by men, but there is nothing stopping women wearing it too, it is elegant and original. Are you going through Oloron-Sainte-Marie? Visit a small and charming artisanal workshop.

Do you know what a “sonnaille” is? It is a bell! The ones that are used by the cows and other herds during the move to the high pastures. The “sonnailles” allow farmers to locate and identify the herds, thanks to their different sounds. They are made of steel sheet plate. It is a perfect gift for enthusiasts of traditional rural objects. If you go past the Pays de Nay, you should choose one at the atelier des Sonnailles of Daban. 

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