Getting married in Béarn

Getting married in Béarn

Béarn is a countryside region, nestled between the Pyrenees and the Basque Country. This is the perfect place to host a nature-themed wedding. The mountain streams criss-cross this rural territory, which offers exceptional landscapes, with the Pyrenean mountain range as a backdrop. It is also home to charming towns, steeped in deep valleys, and villages perched on the peaks. The locals are friendly and genuine. Not to mention the tasty and generous gastronomy. In short, it is a perfect site to celebrate a colorful and festive wedding.

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Where to get married in Béarn?

If you want a wedding in the heart of nature, you will find what you are looking for in the Pyrenean Valleys or the Béarn des Gaves. The villages are typical and imbued with the Béarnaise tradition, with a small rich and well-preserved heritage.

If you appreciate countryside landscapes more than mountains, Vic-Bilh is the “heart of Béarn”. It is a hilly area, with vineyard hills and fields.

Finally, if you are more of a city dweller, go to the surroundings of Pau. This city offers all the advantages of the city, while remaining on a "human scale".

Sauveterre de Béarn Photo Guide of the Bearn Pyrenees
The Vic Bilh Photo Guide Bearn Pyrenees
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Béarn wedding planners

Short on time? You are far away? Or simply, you are not a champion of the organization? Consider hiring a professional to plan your wedding. The wedding-planners are there to assist you in the process and find you good addresses. There are some in all the big cities and especially in Pau.

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The reception rooms

In Béarn, you will find many sites that can host your wedding: private castles, hotels, wine estates in the Vic-Bilh or the Madiran region, restaurants, communal halls... There is something to satisfy everyone. your desires and whatever your budget. For a nature wedding, Béarn has major assets to offer: a generous nature, exceptional landscapes and panoramas, well located and easy to reach places to meet with family or friends, while being perfectly isolated in all privacy.

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Caterers and Béarnaise gastronomy

Regardless of the location chosen for your wedding, choosing the wedding menu can quickly become a headache. Of course, you will have to choose dishes that meet your tastes, but also those of your guests. But we must also remember to respect the religious or ethical considerations of all. To find the right service provider, here is our directory of caterers in Béarn.

Once the menu has been chosen, all that's left to do is plan the decorations, and for that we have the perfect service provider: Rosette! At the wheel of a pretty pastel pink van, Lola and Mathieu create colourful and fragrant bouquets and floral arrangements to suit your wishes and budget. Using fresh, French and, as far as possible, local flowers, these two enthusiasts, trained in eco-responsible techniques, are happy to help you organise the wedding day of your dreams. Contact Rosette, florists who come to your party venue!

The most beautiful sites in Béarn for your wedding photos

Whether you call on a professional photographer or trust your loved ones to immortalize the most beautiful day of your life, you need a setting to match this event.

A city park or garden, a pretty village square, a forest or the banks of a mountain stream may be suitable. Choose a site where you feel comfortable and which resembles you and do not hesitate to seek advice on forums or on professional sites.

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A wedding night in an unusual setting…

To end this exceptional day, this is the opportunity to treat yourself to a dream wedding night… And why not choose unusual accommodation? These are often sites in the middle of nature, relaxing and always exotic. You can also offer these good addresses to your guests, to discover Béarn differently.

Organize a bachelor party for a typical Béarnais girl or boy!

Whether you want to celebrate your bachelor or bachelorette party or just want a moment of relaxation with friends before the wedding, here are some cool and unusual ideas to have fun and please your loved ones:

We hope to have made you want to celebrate your wedding in Béarn and we wish you a lot of happiness for this big day.

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