Cheap skiing in Béarn

Cheap skiing in Béarn

Skiing is an activity known for not being cheap. Winter sports often rhyme with financial expense but in Béarn, it is possible to go without breaking the bank. With a few tips and some good deals, we'll take you inexpensive skiing in Béarn. Enjoy without spending too much.

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Book at the Artouste ski resort

This year again, the Artouste resort is the cheapest in the Pyrenees, coming 4th on the French podium. We understand why when we know that prices have not changed for 3 years, offering everyone the opportunity to ski on the slopes without breaking the bank. At the rate of €19 per day for an adult, and €9 for a child, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it. Regardless of the season, the price remains attractive even during school holidays, an additional advantage for small wallets. Despite everything, many activities are offered such as meals in the gondola or dynamic competitions. The Artouste resort has 150 hectares of skiable area , covered with 100% natural snow.

Book your inexpensive vacation at the Artouste resort

Hôtel d'Ossau

Hôtel d'Ossau
Hôtel d'Ossau

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Casa Paulou

Casa Paulou
Casa Paulou

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The sheepfold of La Mouline

The sheepfold of La Mouline
The sheepfold of La Mouline

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474 m - Laruns

Favor certain seasons

As with all tourist resorts, prices skyrocket as soon as the high season arrives. Skiing during school holidays is a privilege that is not accessible to everyone, which is why it is advisable to book during low seasons and school periods. Contrary to popular belief, you will not have less snow or services offered. On the other hand, you will have the advantage of reduced prices, and less tourist attendance. Think about the month of March to go inexpensive skiing in Béarn. The end of winter arrives, accommodations become empty and resorts slash prices before closing until the next season.

Ask about ski rentals, there may be low prices

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Use preferred offers

Keep up to date with good deals, some resorts offer interesting cards and packages. This is the case with skipasses, a card that saves time and money . In fact, you just need to top it up with the amount you want to ski for as long as you want. Have your plans changed? The amount of the skipass remains available for a future day of skiing in the Pyrenees. Bundle offers are also interesting to pay less, the price is often decreasing if you are a large family or a large group of friends.

Half-day skiing

If your budget is limited, avoid skiing every day and all day at the risk of seeing your wallet empty. Parsimony is sometimes the key to happiness, opt for a shorter time on your skis to please yourself, while remaining reasonable. The main thing is to enjoy every moment in the mountains. Extend the ski outing with photo breaks or snack breaks at the top of the slopes, the landscapes are sublime.

Alternate with activities outside of skiing

There are other ways to enjoy the mountains than skiing completely on the snowy slopes. Cross-country skiing, for example, combines the pleasure of skiing with a lower cost than alpine skiing. Snowshoe hikes are ideal for discovering the mountains, alone or accompanied by a guide. Have you thought about sledding? It's an inexpensive activity that mainly requires endurance to get back up the slope once you get to the bottom. Find your inner child, have a snowball fight or a red-nosed snowman, there is no age limit for having fun.


View promotional offers

Stay informed of regular good deals, the stations regularly publish promotional offers which you should take advantage of. Another idea is to book your ski vacation well in advance. You benefit from reduced prices on accommodation, rental and ski passes, while spreading the payment. Reductions are also in stores if you are looking for gloves, scarves, hats or ski suits at low prices. At the end of each season, sales are held to make way for the next collection. Anticipate your needs for the next winter vacation.

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Go as a group to the Pyrenees

It's well known that the more, the less you pay. This is confirmed in winter sports since groups benefit from reduced prices whether for passes or ski rental. From the start, costs are divided since fuel is the first budget to plan for when you go skiing in the Pyrenees. Then comes accommodation which is not cheap, especially at the foot of the slopes. Book with several people to split the rent, you can also enjoy happy evenings with friends or family by the fire.

Have picnics at lunchtime

The race budget has a big influence on the thickness of the wallet when it comes to skiing in the Pyrenees. Food also sees its prices increase with the arrival of the high season, which can frustrate gourmet stomachs who would like to treat themselves. Do some shopping before hitting the road, dry goods and supplies have an extended lifespan. Picnics and home-cooked meals are perfect for saving money , you may be able to book a restaurant at the end of your stay for a final treat.

Take a break during the holidays, book at a restaurant in Béarn

The holidays are over and the budget is respected ? Congratulations, you will be all the more eager to be there next year to go skiing again cheaply in Béarn .

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