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Navarrenx and Béarn des Gaves

The Gave, a name given by the locals to this beautiful river rising in the nearby mountains, is ever-present here. Flowing from the Aspe or the Ossau Valleys to become the Gave d'Oloron (Oloron River), the Gave creates a natural geographical boundary between the neighbouring Basque Country and this historical region of Béarn.

Uncover a rich historic heritage during your visit to perfectly preserved and beautiful medieval towns. Here are some of our favourites: Sauveterre de Béarn is built on a rocky promontory. It deserves more than a quick stop. Navarrenx is a fortified town. Salies de Béarn has old-fashioned charm. Aren and Laas are small villages where life is enjoyed to the utmost

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Béarn des gaves is also an ideal place to take part in leisure activities such as white water sports or sport fishing...


Sauveterre de Béarn is built on a rocky promontory just above the ruins of a bridge built by Gaston VII Moncade, which looks like the Orthez bridge. 

Enjoy strolling through this beautiful town, especially at the square behind the church, this offers a beautiful panorama of the Pyrenees Mountains and the Gave. 

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This is a lovely health resort. Salies de Bearn offers a quiet atmosphere and, as with all thermal resorts, peace and tranquility except during the Fêtes du Sel (The Salt Festival) which takes place in the second weekend of September. Built on marshy land, rich in salt, Salies always knew how to take advantage of this white gold, and the inhabitants organised a system giving them property deeds on this raw material, which is transferred from father to son.

Each year, the salt festival is a reminder of this rich natural heritage. A visit to the Salt Museum will help you improve your knowledge about salt and its production. The town of Salies is very famous today for its thermal spas, which made its recent fortune. However, it is still all about salt since it is the salty water which makes the thermal spas so successful. Visits to the spas are recommended.

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Navarrenx is definitely worth a visit, it is the only fortified town of this type in the region. The solidity of its structure contrasts with the surrounding green countryside. The beautiful gave d'Oloron runs through it. It is a fishing and water sports hot spot. Located on the Santiago de Compostela route, Navarrenx offers a large variety of accommodation in gites, with special pilgrim menus. 

LES GAVES, SPORTS AND leisure hot spot 

The gave of Oloron and its tributaries are a trout and salmon fishing hotspot. They create a first class hydrographic network. The presence of these fish attract professionals and enthusiasts to fish in these occasionally tumultuous waters.  

The gave of Oloron is the longest salmon river of France. There are fishing guides to share their knowledge, techniques and favourite fishing spots with you. You will become a fishing addict after your stay in the gave of Oloron.

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The gaves also offer other activities such as rafting and canoeing that you can practice around Sauveterre and Navarrenx either as leisure or as sport. 

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