Béarn Christmas Gifts

Béarn Christmas Gifts

Christmas is approaching and you are wondering what Christmas gifts from Béarn are fun. Here are some ideas that will also be very useful to bring back holiday souvenirs, to your loved ones or to yourself. Traditional items and gift ideas from Béarn, Béarn craftsmen who design and manufacture food products, decoration or delicious wines and regional specialties... Here are some good gift ideas 100% Made in Béarn.

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Buy Basque and Béarn fabrics

Lartigue 1910 is a company that produces high quality Basque linen. The Basque Country is a neighbor of Béarn and many cultural elements are common to its two regions which share the department of Pyrénées Atlantiques. French manufacturing, ethical, traditional patterns woven on trad weaver machines. It is possible to go to the Bidos workshop shop, but also to order products on their website.

Lartigues 1910

Choose a gift in the oldest shop in France

400 years, it is for 4 centuries that the Maison Souviron Palas shop has existed in Oloron-Sainte-Marie. In a magnificent environment, that of this pretty village and this charming shop, you will find original Bearn Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Items made in Béarn for the pleasure of all. Berets, ready-to-wear clothes, very solid and aesthetic umbrellas, food products...

House Souviron Palas

Photo © Maison Souviron Palas

Praline spreads and confectionery, to die for

Tired of industrial spreads that always taste the same? Offer taste, with products from Kuku La Praline. It is thanks to a careful choice of raw materials, the famous pralines, that this 100% Béarn brand has become known. Beautiful and good products, to be found in stores or on the internet to please gourmets

Also discover other exceptional sweets, jams, chocolates at Maison Francis Miot , the shop is located in Pau, but you can find these sweets with mischievous names (the Coucougnettes de Pau, the nipples of Queen Margot, the Couilles du Pape), all over France!

Maison Verdier has been making artisanal confectionery since 1945, delights of yesteryear in beautiful colors, but also exquisite chocolates.

Kuku the Praline Confectionery Francis Miot House Verdier

The delights of Kuku la Praline, Maison Francis Miot and Maison Verdier. Photo © of the service providers

Buy a Béarn beret

Offer Made in Béarn style. Something to keep your head warm while having a truly authentic style. The Manufacture de Berrets de Orthez is the smallest manufacture in France. Come visit the workshop, understand the history and manufacture of this timeless headgear.

The Manufacture of Berrets

The Berrets Manufacture Photo © by Sébastien Arnouts

Useful gift: A cutting board, but not only!

It is a useful object as much as a beautiful quality decorative object, Le Planchot cutting boards are worked in an artisanal way, they are unique products, made by hand. Reusable, it is an object that you keep all your life, very aesthetic with its notch in the shape of a mountain.


Photo © Le Planchot

Offer Béarn wine for Christmas

A bottle of wine is a gift that never disappoints. Amateurs or connoisseurs will be happy with this gift and often like to discover new vintages, new cellars. Discover the wines of Béarn. Go and make your selection directly from the producers for good advice and prices. The wine producers of Madiran Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh have delicacies for you to discover. Red or white, these are rather sweet and fruity wines, perfect as an aperitif or with a good foie-gras or cheese, why not a dessert. Also discover the Jurançon, the white wine that Henri IV particularly appreciated. Soft or dry, it is a generous wine, which goes perfectly with the delights of Béarn and end-of-year and winter feasts. Discover the producers of Jurançon du Béarn.

Photo of Domaine Pichard

Photo © Domaine Pichard

Gift voucher in a restaurant in Béarn

Are you out of ideas? Offer Béarnaise gastronomy! A good restaurant for friends, for the one you love, is always a winning choice because you also offer a moment of conviviality. Choose from the Béarn restaurants in our section and contact service providers directly to organize the possibility of making a gift voucher or offering a meal in advance. Put a good mood and flavors in your gifts!

Aragon Brewery

Photo © Aragon Brewery

A good craft beer from Béarn

Let us introduce you to the Aussau craft brewery, which brews 100% organic beers for amateurs. You will find 6 different beers, to please all tastes. White, blonde, amber, hoppy pale Ale and IPA, gourmet blonde. The brewery is located in Pau but you can find their beers at all the good wine shops in the great southwest.

Aussau Brewery Photo

Photo © Aussau Brewery

A good foie gras from Béarn

Béarn is still the south-west and the tradition of duck and goose breeding is still very present, so Béarn foie gras is delicious and tasty. For the holidays or all year round, let yourself be seduced by products made by small craftsmen in village farms or large renowned houses.

Maiosn Bignalet foie gras

Photo © Maison Bignalet

The entire Béarn Pyrénées Guide team wishes you a very happy holiday season!

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